Here you can see everything I use on daily basis: from equipment to learning resources.


  • Macbook Pro 2015 – in lowest configuration – 8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD and Intel i5 processor,
  • iPhone 8 – 64 GB,
  • GC2870 additional monitor,
  • A4Tech KV-300H Slim keyboard.
  • Logitech M590 mouse.


For coding:

  • vim – for editing tiny projects and for sports,
  • VS Code – for some more serious stuff where decent autocomplete and things like this are handy,
  • PyCharm – whenever I need dedicated Python IDE.
  • iTerm-2 – as terminal emulator for MacOS (support them here).

For security:

  • KeePassXC – as password manager, since it integrates smoothly with Chrome and Firefox (support them here)
  • VeraCrypt – for storing sensitive documents (donate here).

Where do I learn from?