Summary of 2019 and plans for 2020

It’s time for summary of the first 6 months of running the blog and for making New Year’s resolutions.

Successes and failures of 2019

The biggest success was starting the blog itself. After a few weeks I made a post on my plans for the upcoming 6 months.

Initially I thought about posting every week, but this turned out to be impossible. Now I publish new content every second week and this pace is OK because I have enough time to learn new stuff and spend some time on improving the quality of the posts: making them longer, reading them through one they are ready and so on. This is particularly important because giving me a motivation to learn new things is the primary goal of this blog.

A small success is also finding something to color syntax of code snippets. I hope they are readable for you.

One last thing I did not accomplish this year was monetization. I know that when money gets involved, people tend to become suspicious, so I want to make it clear from the very beginning: yes, I want some financial gains, whatever they would be.

On the other hand I found a graphic who created a logo for me, so that I was able to add some identification for my materials.

Plans for upcoming year

During next 365 days (it’s leap year this year, but I’m posting it on the 2nd of January) I want to do following:

  1. Maintain 1 article / 2 weeks tempo. This is also most important for this year, because success here will mean that I’m doing progress.
  2. I’m going to Confidence conference in Kraków. I’d like to write a relation from it.
  3. Migrate blog to a better hosting. Unfortunately what I have now was OK for the beginning, but it has numerous drawbacks with price and speed being the most important ones. I have migrated my fiancee’s blog successfully and now my waits for the upgrade.
  4. Buy decent equipment. What I have now is sufficient, but the lack of computing power is visible when I need to run virtual machines.
  5. Python course. Since I also like to teach new things, I want to try to share knowledge in a more organized way. First steps have already been taken, I learn how to perform in front of a camera and I learn how to edit videos. You can see the effects below. Although it’s far from being perfect, I try to make progress 😉
  6. Starting monetization.