Plans for the next few months

Today is the first month since I’ve started this blog – on June 19th the very first post was published. I’d like to share some thoughts and plans for the future.

What did I achieve?

There are some successes – I’ve published 4 posts, 5th is ready and will be released on Wednesday. All are technical, with code examples I publish on gitlab for your convenience. But the biggest success is of course being able to run the blog itself without putting too much effort into it. So I have a certificate, domain, hosting and basic security provided by Wordfence that gives me (among other features) 2FA, warnings about plugins that are not up-to date and blocks bruteforce attempts like these:

Screenshot of Wordfence showing blocked 22 login attempts to admin account.

I am, however, still waiting for the first person to gt into my Hall of Fame 🙂

I also managed to make this blog look OK enough not to make my eyes bleed without choosing most obvious theme. I hate frontend stuff and I am glad this was generally painless.

I also found a way to gather some statistics in a way that is not privacy-intrusive: I do not use google statistics and I do not use any facebook comments system. I’d like to maintain this state.

Where did I fail?

At first I wanted to publish a post once a week – every Wednesday, but one time there was a hole in the schedule which I am sorry about. Also, the section whoami needs to be filled.

Future plans

I do not know where will the adventure journey bring me with this project, which makes me even more excited. I do not know whether I will be writing more about reverse engineering or web applications security or something else, whether I will aim at more technical users or average audience. I do have, however, certain goals in mind I’d like to fill within next 5 months.

First of all when it comes to personal development, which is the primary reason I have started this blog, I want to maintain 1/week post ratio when it comes to technical stuff. I hope that Pentester Academy lab access I have recently bought will help me find inspiration for posts.

When it comes to maintaining blog, I need to find a decent way to color code syntax, since the way it looks right now is terrible and I’d like to avoid pasting screenshots all the time.

When it comes to financial aspects, I’d like to start earning something with this blog (after all I’m a huge capitalism advocate :-D). Ideally to cover the expenses of domain and hosting, maybe buying full versions of some plugins I use. These are cheap things, but it would be nice to have some pocket money out of my hobby. Especially that I need to buy a decent laptop to work. I do not know right now how I am going to achieve this-putting someone’s add on my page (I do not take random ads under consideration), affiliate program, selling T-shirts, online course? Time will show.