AWS Lambda in Pycharm

I’m back to life and here’s some tasty article on something I’ve recently learnt. Unfortunately, this is again on 2 very specific commercial solutions instead of general purpose programming. And another one on AWS. Maybe I’ll come up with an article on signal handling in operating systems. Anyway, here are some tips and trick on […]

AWS Secrets Storing

I’ve always thought it is cool to have a pet project. Creating something single-handedly lets you get an insight into problems that you won’t come across when you’re just one out of many people engaged in the project. One of such things is setting up proper operations and deployment process. Sure, for something small even […]

How to Manage Project Dependencies with GitLab – Part 2.

In the previous post I’ve talked about creating and installing own Python packages using GitLab’s tools. Today I’d like to focus a bit more on the topic and show how you can make this process even better. We’re going to use GitLab’s CI to build the PyPi packages automatically. Problems Let’s imagine an average Cathy, […]

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